Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bagging it out

I've been a bit busy sewing the last couple of days with bags needed for:

* My
Mystery Bag Swap International 2 (done, dusted and in the post well ahead of schedule - no photo as it would spoil the surprise (and besides, I forgot to take one!))

* L who had a birthday this week. I decided to make her a fold up shopping bag to match the pouches I made for her
back here:


* Nick and Dermuid who are kindly putting me up this weekend in Melbourne. I'm still trying to decide if they'd prefer shoe bags or fold up shopping bags - or if I have the the time, materials (and inclination) to produce both before Saturday morning!

(Listening to: Men without Hats, Folk of the 80s (Part III))

1 comment :

Margie said...

That bag! That bag is excellent! What a cool way to use just a small amount of your precious super excellent fabric stash (I need projects like that).