Thursday, May 03, 2007

IKEA Hack/ Mothers' Day gift idea

Glass-less picture frame containing a Man Ray postcard held in place by a clothes peg. I'd forgotten about this IKEA Hack and thought I'd feature it now in case you wanted to steal the idea for a Mothers' Day present.

I bought some Ribba frames years ago and broke the glass in one of them. Rather than throw the frame away (or put it aside where it would sit forever while I got round to getting new glass cut for it) I did the following:

* Removed the mat, leaving just the backing card in place.
* Bought a packet of Home Brand wooden clothes pegs, and stained one with the wenge coloured stain I had on hand.
* Waited for the peg to dry then glued it onto the backing card.
*Clipped on a postcard I'd picked up at an exhibition I went to (originally I'd planned to change the card on a regular basis but Man Ray has been in there for a couple of years and seem to have no plans to move)

The entire project cost under $2 (the cost of the pegs, with enough left over for 11 more frames!)

Even if you bought a frame from the op shop and a test pot to paint the frame and peg with, it shouldn't cost you more than $5 to make.

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Featured on IKEA Hackers in June 2007.

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Carson said...

Oh. My. Gourd.
I believe there was a kind and generous offer made a while back..oh about 3.5 years ago... involving one ripped linen sheet.
And did I respond?
Am I consumed by guilt?
Am I attempting to set it right?
You betcha!
Sorry...What can I say? I'm a dufus.
You are too too kind, but I actually chucked the ripped-off bit. Yes, I know.
Anyhoo...I think I am going to have to make your spinach/fetta muffins, thanks for the recipe.

Kara said...

You amaze me with your ideas every time I read your blog, that looks great, I think you should be employed by Ikea to promote there items.

AMCSviatko said...

Aw shucks! *shuffles feet and blushes while hoping IKEA notices*

Carson - don't worry yourself - I'd almost forgotten the offer except for the fact I was holding aside some ribbon I bought in New York with knitting instructions on it which I thought might be perfect :-P

ThatBeeGirl said...

found you through ikea hacker...
LOVE this idea!

Unknown said...

I got a bunch of ribba frames but they all appear to have no wall hanger, can anyone tell me how to hang the frames or suggest a way?


AMCSviatko said...

Doug - my Ribba frames are:

* Balanced on nails banged into walls
* Balanced on plastic hooks hammered into plaster walls
* Sitting on shelves

But if you were desperate I'm sure you could get handy with a drill, some cup hooks and string and hang them "properly"

Anonymous said...

I really like this. The clothes pin makes it look like its developing in a dark room.

After The Wedding Name Change Kits said...

What a great idea, I'm going to do that with some of my wedding photos!