Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May I say?

So how did it get to be May already? Sheesh! Where has the year gone? In three weeks (and one day, but who's counting?) I'll be 41.

I've rejoined Use What you Have for this month. And then realised I'd planned to replace my nasty awful very very green cutting board with a slick new foldable black one but it was too late. Until Princess B came to the rescue and said she'd buy it for me for my birthday. What a gal!

Speaking of birthdays, I'm planning something new (apart from actually being here for it for a change!). It's called patience and it works like this: I get a birthday present. I put it in the Birthday Present Box and LEAVE IT THERE until the actual day. At which stage I open the contents of the box over a leisurely breakfast. Interesting a concept, eh?

I'm all over the place this month with two trips to the Sydney area, one to Melbourne and a birthday weekend down the coast (I haven't been down there for years. I'm a bad bad Canberran!)

And the picture up there? The bag I'm making for my Mystery Bag Swap International 2 partner. I'm loving my new cutty tool which I bought only because it was a) white and grey and b) on special. Why didn't I buy one of these years ago? It's amazing!

(Listening to: Erasure, The Innocents)

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