Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Melbourne Day Two: Failure?

Taph says buying these is not failure in Use What You Have Month as tools (and, she says, patterns) don't count. I'm not so sure.

I was doing pretty well at Camberwell Markets. I'd successfully sidestepped this stall:but was sunk when it came to needles (especially those still in original packaging for $2 a pair).

And it got worse. We went to Chapel Street Bazaar, and my favorite stall: where I bought more needles ($1 a pair. I rest my case)

I had a laugh when I spied this lot for $55:(I bought Pink Trees' set for 50 cents a piece)

And then I saw a smaller version of what Pink Trees bought me, for $45!Kerry and I took a tram back to the boys' placeand discovered the friendliest tram driver in Melbourne, who wanted me to drive the tram and kept suggesting (through the glass) that I ditch Kerry and go home with him. Oddly enough, I didn't show him the bottles of bubbly we had on board for the party that evening...

(Listening to: OneTwo, Item)


Taphophile said...

Hey that tram driver is a catch! Own wheels and all that ;).

Caffeine Faerie said...


I love Melbourne, and that all looks like so much *fun* And the needles and the wool,and Chapel Street, and... and... And I think I need some coffee... :)

annadee said...

you've just succeeded in making me very homesick. And the sun was shining!