Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Melbourne Day Three: Monday mooching

Tonight I'd originally planned to do a big Eurovision final post - but forgot that I was a) off to the hairdressers and b) needed to sort stuff out for an early flight to Sydney tomorrow morning.

So the big Eurovision final post will have to wait and instead I'll share with you my photos from Monday.

I had no real plans for the day except lunch with someone I'd known briefly when I lived in Sydney almost 10 years ago and had regained contact with. Oh, and a plane in the afternoon (with a guest pass for the Qantas Club kindly donated by the boys). Kerry was working so I was on my own...

First up I thought I might do
a 2 hour walking tour of The Golden Mile, which started at 10am. But the weather was inclement so I decided not to tempt fate.

Then I decided, since I was down at Federation Square anyway, to go check out the
Focus on Punk season at ACMI. Except they weren't screening anything that day.

So I checked out the three gift shops in the complex (
ACMI, The National Design Centre and The Ian Potter Centre, where I spotted this 1/6 scale Vitra miniature Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge. A snip at $1,200.)
I wandered round the square for a while and took some photos like a good tourist:
And discovered the Optus Message board on the side of the building. SMS your message to 19 SMS FED and it'll display here:I just had to try it - I like the idea of electronic graffiti!Just across the road is one of the standard tourist shots of Melbourne, so I had to take one (whoever gave planning permission for that new building behind Flinders Street Station should be shot, by the way.)And, finally, here are two pictures of some of my favourite Melbourne sculptures down on the corner of Swanston and Bourke Streets:
"Oh! Look! A tram!""Oh! Look! A flying pig!"

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