Saturday, June 13, 2009

Second hand Saturday

J asked if we could go op shopping last weekend to update her working wardrobe now she's in a less corporate environment. Except I ended up working last Saturday. But this weekend we managed it: my first op shop foray in far far too long.

The Frugalling Fairy had obviously been missing me. Before I left home this morning I realised I'd have to shift my Mac before this afternoon's Photoshop lesson as I only had one high stool to sit at. But then, at Salvos Tuggeranong I spied this for $15.00: Yes I realise it's yellow but I justified it as I figured it would be a temporary resident chez TSS before possibly heading into The Craft ACT shop to replace the current chair which is on wheels and is prone to whizz off across the (vinyl) floor if you so much as shift position.

Except it would now seem that Abode Suite lessons will be a regular occurrence for the next little while. So the either the stool stays or I donate it to Craft ACT with the proviso that I can come and borrow it when required...

I also found a copy of this intriguing looking book at Salvos Tuggeranong. A tad expensive at $10 but too stunning to leave behind. The SuperJesus CD (from Salvos Weston Creek) was a $2 gamble as I didn't know their music but somehow recognised the cover. So far I'm not impressed but I'll give it another listen before deciding if I'm redonating it.

And the Jeffrey Steingarten book ($2) was a random pick from Salvos Jamison which because a must-buy when it clicked that this was JEFFREY STEINGARTEN aka the main reason I still subscribe to US Vogue.

And I also bought a little wool for Taph (not photographed). And a coffee at Chocolate Olive mid quest. And lunch at Ha Ha Bar post quest. And J went home with 3 pairs of trousers for $15.50 and a top (forgot how much it was, but less than $7). All in all a good day...

Cook from the cupboard

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Cup of tea. Toasted crumpets with wilted spinach, egg and parmesan cheese.
Morning tea: Coffee
Lunch: Half a haloumi and Mediterranean vege panini, chips and salad. Glass of wine.
Afternoon tea: Apricot danish. Cup of tea.
Dinner: Penne pasta with tuna, spinach, corn, Dolmio and parmesan cheese. Chocolate.

Today's purchases:

Bar stool: $15.00
Book: $10.00
Coffee: $3.50
CD: $2.00
Book: $2.00
Wool for Taph: $1.50
Lunch with J: $11.00

Total for today: $45.00

Total for June: $370.94

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Frank said...

Looks as though you could easily disassemble the stoool and recover it using some of your stock-piled monochromatic black material.
Or - from another age

May I suggest .....

Aged male parental unit