Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Thirty: All over for another year

Day Thirty:

Breakfast: Tea. Wholemeal toast with ginger, lemon and lime marmalade. Plain yoghurt.

Morning Tea: Crispbreads and cheese.

Lunch: Lentil and vegetable curry from the freezer with rice, poppadoms and yoghurt.

Afternoon tea: Wholemeal toast with butter and honey.

Dinner: Leftover pumpkin and spinach risotto from the freezer.

Finished today:
* Poppadoms (but who cares?!)

Total spent since June 1: $156.59 (plus $116.84 on a dolls house.)

Well, not really. I did spend on other things that weren't counted on a day-to-day level.

Here's the final tally for June 2008 (excluding rent and car loan payments):

Transport: $42.50 ($40 petrol, $2.50 parking)
Car insurance: $61.53
Food: $150.89 (the daily tally above included parking and the domes for Princess B's stole, which I removed for final accounting. I spent an average of $5.02 per day on food. A whole 1 cent more per day than last month. Which is quite surprising as I've been buying cat food this year instead of having a stash to work with. And then there was the matter of the cheese, which I thought would blow the budget... Then again, I did get given a lot of food (most of which I haven't actually touched yet!))
Books & stationery: $18.00 (automatic quarterly payment for my Marie Claire subscription)
Gifts: $3.20 (Princess B's domes)
Entertainment: $159.10 (dolls house and internet for the month)
Utilities: $27.74 (phone bill)
Other: $179.25 (an ouchy amount which includes annual credit card fees and interest charges. I'm working hard on getting rid of both very very soon)

Total: $642.21 (Last year's total: $579.88)

Day Thirty One:

Spent today:
* Smoked salmon, crumpets, milk and cat biscuits (a celebrationary breakfast for me and him): $19.75

* Book (for exhibition): $14.66 including postage
* Return bus fare to Sydney for Modern Times symposium and first weekend of Sydney Design (including Krispin K tour) in August: $30.00
* Thai Garden lunch box: $8.50 (eaten sharing the dining table with a little something that arrived in this morning's post...)
* A month's worth of magazines picked up from the newsagents: $48.44
* Long overdue haircut (with latte, chocolate and a read of July 2008's Australian Vogue included): $78.00

Total: $199.34

Good thing I got paid today, isn't it?


m1k1 said...

So that's the new baby, then?
That was a quick delivery.

alisonmc said...

Oh, so you go nuts at the end of fasting. I see, something to look forward to!