Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The blog post you have when you're not having a blog post

I could tell you about my day: how it started with a blood nose. How I cobbled together the first rough outline of my report on Terence Conran for class before breakfast. How I packed and posted some eBay stuff before work. How I got to ride a bendy 39 bus to Craft ACT (which was rather odd). How I spent the day envelope stuffing and Face booking. How I then went to work at the Library for the evening.

But I won't because that's pretty boring.

Instead I'll remind you about this:

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Michelle said...

I've ridden a bendy Number 39 and I tell you, it's impressive how easily it gets around that tiny roundabout on Melba and Bradfield! Freaky though - I agree.

I'll see you at Reloved 2 for sure!