Sunday, October 04, 2009

Saturday report part three: One wedding

With last-minute pre-wedding organiser's madness setting in: But there was nothing to worry about: everything went smoothly and it was a lovely ceremony.
There was knitting at the reception (and many envious looks from those of us at the table who didn't think to bring any) and, as the evening progressed and the levels in the champagne glasses went down,it became clear that our table was that crazy table you have at every wedding reception (in the nicest possible way...) We solved the problem of not being allowed to knit on planes, sang along to Love Cats (very loudly) during the cake eating and generally had a ball.

And, as I slipped out into the night at around 9:30pm, the party really started:

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Sally said...

I flew back and forth across the continent last weekend and I took three crochet hooks in my carry on each way... I was sure they would take them off me but they didn't bat an eye-lid. Perhaps it is because they're not pointy like knitting needles.
Regretably I discovered that sitting on a plane with a baby & a toddler doesn't really afford one much time to read books & teach oneself crochet. Still - I was optimistic enough to give a try ;)