Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A song for The Collectors

Who are coming to visit next Thursday:

(There will be a mini Working Bee this weekend chez TSS, as I don't have just one room to clean, but eighty one. And that's not counting my full sized house...)


JustJess said...

Super exciting! Do you need any help? Saw a coffee mug MADE for you the other day, will try and sneak a pic of it... vespa, black and white, all lovely...!

Michelle said...

Damn damn damn! Damn the fact I now have a job in town and I can't casually *wander* by your place next Thursday, maybe popping in for a cuppa! Ooh! What's that? A film crew?

Ha ha! Hope you have a fantastic day with it!!!!

Janet McKinney said...

looking for a hand? Can I help