Thursday, October 08, 2009

Not so much My creative space

but just space in general. Work has settled down. School's still out. Lunch hours and evenings have returned to my life.

I'm letting myself spend my evenings pottering. Sure, I know there is sorting and tidying to be done before next Thursday but it's so much more enjoyable when I throw my list away and just do what I feel like doing each evening in between endless cups of tea to try and keep warm (hello, I thought it was spring?!)

And I'm amazed at what I've achieved by the time I head to bed each night.

Tonight I pulled an old IKEA stationery drawer set out of the cupboard in The Room of Shame and re purposed it to store my bits and bobs for The Big Very Important (Scary) Final Brief, leaving lots of lovely clear space on my worktable to actually work:
(when I get around to it...)


Sally said...

What is freezer paper?
I thought baking paper, tracing paper & freezer paper were all the same thing... I'm wrong aren't I? what is it???

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Freezer paper is an American product which has one side slightly waxy, the other plain. In crafting it is used to stencil with (cut out the stencil, iron the shiny side to the fabric, stencil then peel off) or, more interestingly, to run fabric through your inkjet printer: iron it on to the fabric of your choice, cut to A4 size and print as usual before peeling off).

In Australia you can sometimes find (very expensive) pieces for sale at quilting shops or you can just go here and buy a whole roll for $10 plus postage. While you're at it you might like to pick up a couple of bleach pens

Tutorials can be found by googling "freezer paper tutorial"

Have fun!

Kirsty said...

I've not used freezer paper before but I'm keen to have a go. Thanks for the links.

Kylie said...

I've been hearing about freezer paper for a bit now and am totally intrigued... thanks for the links :) Hope you have a great week. K

Sally said...

Thanks totally for explaining that to me. I really appreciate the links too... I SO want to run fabric through the printer - I have SO many ideas!
Again, my sincere thanks for answering my question so well.