Thursday, October 01, 2009

My not-at-all creative non-space

Isn't so much empty (which would make a decent photo) but the result of having been a general dumping ground for random stuff over the past two weeks. Which is when my creativity gave a final gasp and fizzled out. (Oddly, also around the time I realised that doing two jobs simultaneously (plus an internship) while also running a small business is probably not the best idea in the world...)

Thank goodness for semester breaks, huh?

One of my mentors suggested I make a time to talk to my tutor about his reaction to my idea. I'm not sure they meant bailing him up in the 700* section of the library on a Saturday afternoon (sorry, Paul!)

Another mentor pointed out that Tutors get tired towards the end of the term too (you mean they're not superhuman?!)

Have I mentioned how much I love and appreciate my mentors' input?

Overall I'm enjoying having a break. Spending any spare time I have (after 12-14 hour days) reading rather than thinking (although finishing things like this and this isn't quite the break I should probably be having).

But today I felt the lumbering stirrings of the brief in the back of my brain. A good sign, I think. Except one of the things that set it off was this picture from pia jane bijkerk's blog of Manon Gignoux’s work:Which worries me as I don't think I want to be a textile artist as that would be too simple a solution (feel free to discuss).

(*Dewey classification for Arts)

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seepi said...

I love that jacket - but there is no money in textile arts..