Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep

I popped into Canberra Glassworks on the way to the Accountant's this afternoon. And guess who was waiting for me? Doesn't he (she?) look at home in the Glassworks shop?
I'm rather chuffedand have placed him (her?) in pride of place directly above my desk so I can admire her (him?) as I work:Now I just have to work out what sex he (she?) is and what her (his?) name is. Maybe I should play it safe and just call it Robyn?

While I was at the Glassworks I noticed a pile of fliers for our exhibitions on the counter:

(In case you're wondering, Craft ACT fliers hardly ever have images of work from The Crucible Showcases, just the two main galleries...)


Elizabeth said...

Nice work with the bird. He/she looks fabulous.

Cycling S said...

Yes - it looks gorgeous! It was a fun day, and lovely that you have this to remember it.

Rebecca said...

It's great! A very perky little tail and beak. And really, there's very little colour in it! ;-)

Mini Dork said...

Oh so cool!!! I was hoping to see a close up of your work. What a memorable experience and the proof to never forget. :)

Sarah said...

He/she is so lovely! Well done!