Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Sow's Ear much improved from when it arrived home on Saturday:As I suspected, removing the petrol pumps from the front was an easy joband I removed the horrible, clunky, over scaled stairs with a little more persuasion (involving a kitchen knife and a hefty, well placed, kick!)I wiped the house down and cleaned the mess and sticker off the balconythen removed the heart stickers from the side (they came off easily so I thought I might keep them for a future project...)Next I enlisted the ever helpful Wendy to check scaleI already knew the doorways would have to be enlarged to bring them to scaleand I'll either have to cover up the side windows or turn them into a feature by cutting another identical one above this one.

I pulled out a box of bits from the back of the miniature supplies cupboard and discovered things I forgot I had. This bracing wasn't one of them: it was the whole reason I went looking for the box in the first place: I suspected I had some corrugated iron buried somewhere, but had forgotten about the fretwork bookmarks I'd picked up in Singapore: I was tempted to buy commercial french doors for the doorway to the balcony but am thinking it'd be more fun to do the whole thing on a shoestring to match the cost of the building...

(And yes, I know I should be working on the gallery space for the exhibition: consider this the three dimensional equivalent of a blind contour drawing, OK?)

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m1k1 said...

It is a FACT that while your hands are busy sorting this out, your brain is free to organise the exhibition space. win win.