Saturday, July 10, 2010

We think you're dishy

I had the day off today. Planned to spend it cleaning the flat in readiness for next week's flat inspection, catching up on things. A little reading, maybe some crafting

What I didn't expect to do is come up with another exhibition proposal.

Long time readers may remember that I collect black and white tea towels. Long time readers may also remember
the post where I outlined my plans for a dolls house exhibition at CMAG.

Today, I created a whole new Cabinets of Curiosities exhibition in my head while using
a tea towel from a recent To Dry For order. Including the Public Programmes to match.

And a suitably Canberran reference for the title:
Now I just have to submit my mad idea and see what they say...

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this might be of interest if you haven't heard it ...