Friday, July 16, 2010

It's the little things that make me happy...


A visit to
Ruth Hingston's studio, just round the corner and across The Oval. Admiring the balls of Bendi on her work table: (and other things I've been sworn to secrecy about, alas!)

Finally getting to see some of
her miniature (but not dolls house sized) works in real life:
snickering at the label on the door of her equivalent to my Room of Shame: which was followed by lunch, gifts,(yay for vintage suitcases and jars of marmalade!), and a visit up the road to Megalo for their Loupe: Printed miniature works by Megalo members exhibition. Once again not quite my scale but still stunning...

Home again, I finally made the time to change the keypad on my trusty Nokia 3310 so I can actually see what I'm texting before heading south for my next studio visit. I misjudged how long it would take me so nipped into Salvos Tuggeranong and picked up this:Sheridan daisy sheet: $5, miniature gas station: $8

No I haven't lost my mind: I'm picturing a small modern gallery and office. Or maybe cafe? Who knows. For $8 it's worth the risk of boomeranging back to the op shop in a couple of months...

The final stop for the day was at the studio of Robert Boot, one of only two miniature artisans who are part of The Call of the Small* exhibition:There are more photos. You'll have to be patient (and it'll be worth your while...)

(*Thanks to the real Call of the Small for use of her name)

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