Friday, July 02, 2010

A kinda random theatre-related post*

My latest bus-reading book (as opposed to my bed-reading books, my work-reading books, my sofa-and-knitting-reading books and the piles of gotta-read-em books) is a light and fluffy piece of chick lit borrowed from the library.

Now I've pretty much grown out of chick lit but this one caught my eye. Based in Canberra and New York, Manhattan Dreaming is about a curator at the (alas, fictitious) National Aboriginal Gallery which is housed in Old Parliament House.

And it's full of references to Canberra haunts: Caph's in Manuka, The Kremlin Bar on Northbourne Avenue and Hayden Drive in Bruce.

Today, on the bus into town I turned the page and read this:Speaking of
Canberra Theatre, I thought I'd share an ongoing "work" I'm creating out of fliers for shows.

Originally it consisted of just the Julie Andrews figure and her baggage and was called Sing-a-long-a Sound of Wombat Ennio. Since then it's been moved to a new position, lost a sock from the suitcase, and been extended:I now call it North Umbilical Bangara Dorothy, Sing-a-long-a Sound of Wombat Ennio

(*Because my cold and cold-drug addled brain can't think of a whitty title tonight)

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