Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In which I realise how lucky I am

During the past few months I've been invited into may artisan's studios. Had permission to take photos of both their studios and their work. Ask dumb questions. Cause swearing and angst.

All because I wanted to infect more people with miniature-itis. (Well, OK, two were already infected)

I may have had some success with the infection (the fact I've had several people wait list themselves for the as-yet unscheduled round two is a good sign. Pity I forgot to write some of them down and now can't remember who they are...)

Yesterday I picked up copies of the official media release and opening invitations. Today I expect delivery of two artisans' work and plan to do a trial build of the gallery (which I'm hoping will end up to be of standard to be the final build. Fingers crossed).

I also hope to have a meeting at Craft ACT to discuss things like if I can sell some of the work online (so those of you unable to make it to Canberra can buy), if I can create a little catalogue of the works and (most importantly) if we can serve Dolly Mixture and little tiny cupcakes at the opening (6pm Thursday 12 August).

Will you be there?


m1k1 said...

well, if there's going to be dolly mixture...

m1k1 said...

oh oh oh
little cup cakes miraculously appeared while i was typing comment 1.

Mini Dork said...

If only Australia was closer. Can anyone recommend where to buy good Dolly Mixture in the US?
I found this "Barret Dolly Mix" <a href="></a>
but it doesn't look as good as your link.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Actually, the one you found is the original and best. Except when I was young it used to come in boxes...