Friday, February 09, 2007

Finish it off Friday: Week 4

I'm feeling pretty happy today.

Looking back at the original Finish it off Friday post I've completed pretty much everything in the picture. What perplexes me, though, is why my pile of Things to be Finished doesn't seem to have got any smaller, just changed?

This week's completions were both started in October last year. I finally turned my bleach pen experiment into a cushion, which worked out very well (and induced all sorts of wild and wonderful ideas for future projects while I sewed it up) and finished sewing together the scooter bib which worked out not quite so well (I had a very shitty time with trying to sew bias binding onto rather tight curves. At first I thought it was a complete disaster, but having put it aside for a while and come back to it I'd now class it as utterly... average. Sigh)I also completed a new project. Friend L will be doing a lot of travelling with her now job and requested some pouches made from a fabric she spotted in my stash:Which brings me to a request. She's going to be in Portland soon - anyone have any input on what she should do/ should avoid? I've already told her about Whole Foods and Trader Joes to keep her well fed and healthy in The States...


Helen said...

I've been inspired by your and Rhiannon's "finish it off" resolves to finish a few things of my own lately - so thanks for that! (will post about them soon.)

x Helen

ngs said...

happy blogiversary - sorry I missed it lol!

LOVE the magic roundabout pics soooo cool, oh the possibilities with those..

oh and RYC we have mad, crazy possums that leg it over our roof at 4am on their way somewhere - the first night it happened I thought there were burglars or aliens landed up there it was that loud, now I know it's the dear (not) protected possum