Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The frugalescence of Cultuvorianism*

Oh yes, back to work today. Not used to it at all. Urgh.

Taph and I entertained ourselves by planning our super-thrifty social calendars for the next few months**

Between the Australian National Botanic Gardens, the National Museum, the Australian War Memorial, the National Library, and the National Gallery (we're ignoring the National Film and Sound Archive as they expect us to pay more than $1 to see their outdoor movies!) we have a slew of things to keep us amused between now and March for no more than $1 a pop. And we haven't even started exploring the Summer in the Capital options...

We also have nasty evil dastardly plans to capture a copy of the ANU Film Group's programme when it's released and buy a single membership between us. Each membership has 6 guest passes so as long as we can agree on films we both get to see 6 movies for a total cost of $60 (or $5 each per film). Less if I can convince various other friends who are members with guest passes to take us along to movies!

Q: What cheap or free things are available where you live to keep you entertained for not much money?

In other random news:

1. I've set up another Swap-Bot black & white swap. See here for details and to join in the fun. I've decided to keep these going this year but to do them quarterly.
2. I found a funky new Canberra-based blog: Canberra's Got Style. Might be worth checking out.
3. Summer's finally arrived. I'm hot. I'm not happy.
4. One of my favorite cotton sheets ripped on me this week. I shouldn't complain, it's done me 18 years. But that in itself is very very scary...

(* Frugalescence: A new word I made up today. Cultuvorianism: a new word Taph made up today. Definition: A person who consumes culture. Preferably for free (or very little!)

**Not in work time, of course!)

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