Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reconciliation and Eternity (plus op shopping!)

January seems to have been full of worthy things - great educational films and exhibitions, a constant diet of non-fiction books (I finished Architecture and Happiness from the Library this week and cracked open Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives this morning. Also from the Library. I'm feeling much love for ACT Library Service at the moment - they're saving me a bucket of money.)

But I'm starting to think I need something light. Perhaps Feburary will be chockablock full of swashbuckling adventure films and chick-lit...But it's still January. I'm still a hardened cultuvorian. So it was off to National Library at lunchtime today to see Eternity.

Oh. My. God. What a fabulous film! The cinematography was mind blowing. I'd actually gone along in my quest to become a more rooly trooly Aussie and learn more about our history but I spent most of the film breathless at the angles the film was shot from and wanting to run out of the theatre, leap into Miss Daisy and hot-foot it to Sydney to see if I could recreate some it. (It probably didn't help that I'd seen Max Dupain the day before)

I'd arrived half an hour early for the film so took some pictures of Reconciliation Place since I realised I hadn't been there yet: And then, to recover from an overload of culture I dropped a boot load of stuff off to Womens' Refuge for Taph and then headed out to the Queanbeyan op shops for the first time since I went away in November.

I shouldn't have bothered - there wasn't anything stunning but I did get some vintage curtains I think might be perfect for Mum's music room. I'll take them over in March and if she doesn't like them I'll cut them up and turn them into bags....

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