Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Swap goodness

I'm super impressed - the posting deadline for my January Black & White Swap hasn't even passed yet but when I went to the Post Office this morning to send my swap to France this was waiting for me! All the way from the USA!!

More lovely black and white stationery for my collection (I'm particularly loving those post it notes although it'll be a while 'til I get to them as I still have a pile of Smiggle skull and crossbones ones). Some magnets. A cup and saucer. And (a little perplexedly) dark chocolate (yum) in a brown wrapper (huh?) and some definitely not black and white teatowels. Which are telling me they want to move to Sydney and Princess B's tea towel drawer.

It was such a good parcel that now I want to set up a February swap. But I promised myself (and, more importantly, my budget) quarterly swaps and so I'll just have to be patient 'til April...

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