Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How to be a cul...cultu...cultuvorian. By Little E (aged 2)

First find something cool and free that is happening.Hopefully very big. And very loud!Invite Mummy and your grown up friends along. If you are lucky they will bring nice food.Go on big adventures to exploreand make sure you dance to the songs you really like(or just enjoy listening)And go home when it is dark.The End

(Extra for experts: befriend random strangers on picnic rugs around you)


twitchy fingers said...

Sounds like fun! And that picture of the Carillion is stunning.

missfee said...

my now late cello teacher's husband used to play the organ in that tall thing - I saw him at it once - amazing as they play with their feet too just like an organ - much harder to play than an organ though

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I was told they do tours of the Carillon on Saturdays. We've already decided to go along one winter day and see Blundell's Cottage at the same time!