Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A gregarious recluse

Sorry for the unexpected silence (and lack of photos)

Somehow after trashing my kitchen on Sunday (did I mention I have no magic tidy cupboard* and only a very small hot water tank for the kitchen?) I decided it was a fine idea indeed to have an Indian feast on Monday night. And share it with 4 others.

There was a chickpea, tomato, spinach and potato curry. Basmati rice. Poppadoms and yoghurt. Mango chutney. Wine. And banana pikelets and jam for afters. A late night. Good company. Too little sleep. Too many dishes. No photos.

So tonight I'm on the couch. Working on Princess B's stole for Finish it off Friday. Listening to a Jazz in Melbourne CD. Reading Real Simple magazine. Smelling Les Floralies Seascapes burner oil. Drinking a little wine. Perfect!


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