Thursday, January 31, 2008

Magic Carpets

If you're into modern miniatures and are a stitcher there's one book you really should have in your library: (from 29 cents in Amazon Marketplace!) Although the patterns in this book are originally designed for full sized latch hooking I've discovered they work perfectly when translated into miniature using 27 count canvas.

And the choice! There's an Art Deco rug design, a 1930s rug design, a jazzy 1920s design, a Wassily Kandinsky based abstract design:
a Mondrain constructivism design, a Miro inspired surrealist design, Popeye and a 1950s collage design amongst many others...My favourite from the book remains the naked lady rug insipred by Picasso's Nude Woman in a Red Armchair (circa 1932):
(If you stich a rug from this book for your modern miniature scene please add it to my Modern Miniatures Flickr pool!)

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