Friday, January 04, 2008

I confess

The Special Beat were brilliant!

There were mod haircuts. Polo shirts. Tartan. More pork pie hats than you could shake a stick at. And (sadly) but one lonely Vespa parked outside at the end. I guess everyone was being super-responsible and taking public transport home.

I was having too much fun to remember to take photos until quite late (the fact that both Neville Staple and Roger Charley were topless at that point had no input into my sudden remembrance that I should maybe take photos. Oh no siree!) But because of the lighting levels they didn't come out.

So instead here's a photo montage from the Easter 1996 New Zealand Scooter Rally in Hunua which will be always linked in my mind with The Specials and The Beat as that's what was blasting across the camping ground most of the weekend:
We discovered one interesting (and probably unplanned) side effect of the new smoking ban - when someone lights a joint in the mosh pit it's pretty bloody obvious what's going on!

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