Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I just don't know what to do with my house...

I ended up taking more than a photo for you: try six! And still haven't made a final decision...

The first thing I knew I wanted to add was a rug. Something to give the place a bit of warmth, with a 50s or 60s feel that would tie the red and white and soft blue together. After rifling through my stash of vintage rugs and not finding what I was looking for I realised I had the perfect solution. In stock in my eBay store (handy that) so sold it to myself.

Actually, by using this rug I broke one of my cardinal rules of not using things in my vintage houses that were produced later than the house was built. But sometimes needs must so rules are broken...

Option 1

The second thing I felt was needed was to bring the yellow from the painting into the room. So I trialed a yellow plastic tea set I bought from Kristin Baybars in London on the table, moved the blue vase back onto the desk to replace the carafe set and added a very 50s looking cat ornament.

And then I took a photo of option one. Decided the yellow was too intrusive where it was and the room looked very "left heavy". So it was on to:
Option 2

The tea set was moved onto the tea trolley (which sort of makes sense and also toned it down rather a lot). While I was on the right hand side of the room I added a blue cushion to the divan .

The blue vase on the desk disappeared and the black cat moved over. And I trialed a multi coloured jug by Margaret Hunt on the table. It's actually 1/12th (and, once again "new" ie: made in the 80s but since I already broke that rule I figured it didn't matter)

Photo taken and studied and I decided much as I like the jug having it and the rug in the centre seems to "muddy" that area.

And so it was option 3 was created:

Option 3

The tea set on the tea trolley disappears and is replaced by the jug. I dig out a 1/12th scale bowl of lemons for the table. The jug looks lonely in the corner and the colour of the lemon bowl isn't quite right. The photo confirms this.

So lickety split we're onto Option 4:

Option 4

I try a yellow ceiling light I find in my box of lights. Leave the table empty for a change. And add a basket of wool (same basket as here, different coloured wool) Take a photo. The wool stays, the light goes (as I think it fights with the picture too much...)

Option 5

Involves a bowl of fruit and the return of the blue vase. I actually think this would have worked (without the vase) if the fruit bowl was blue. But the one I have is far too big (and in use elsewhere). I know before I take the photo that this isn't a winner.

Option 6

But neither is this. By now I'm almost cross eyed and dizzy with choices. I remove the blue pillow from the divan. Move the blue vase back to where it started and the jug to the desk. And the cat mysteriously disappears.

I decide better is OK and perfect is not achievable. Well not today, anyway. I'd be interested in hearing what your thoughts are on the various options and suggestions for future trial runs...


gd said...

Wow! I am new to your blog, and didn't realize that these photos are of a dollhouse dining room until I read your earlier post! I LOVE the cat (on the back table), the yellow tea service (on the tea cart) and blue vase (in the center of the table). Without the pitcher. Is that too much?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi and welcome gd - and thanks for the ultimate compliment!

I tried your idea and you're quite right. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi from sister at Library desk,
I just issued a book to a woman called "The Crafty GIrls Road trip" heard of it?
Sounds like your sort of thing! Anyway must dash,
A-L :)

Anonymous said...

Although I liked the cat, for some reason I also like option 6. It could be my sense of symmetry appreciating the blue vase centred on the table. Perhaps a yellow ball for wool could bring the yellow in the painting forward?


Anonymous said...

I'm mostly with gd on this one. The vase and flower give a bit of the vertical to the room. But you know, I prefer the room without the rug.

Anonymous said...

I like option 5 the most I think, the fruit bowl works well. And I love the yarn bowl, such a cute touch

Mondo Viagiatore said...

I liked the fruit bowl on the table - don't like the rug as it creates clutter