Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I take pictures, photographic pictures

I've been taking photos of my dolls house collection for a project I'm working on and realised I've never shown what is probably my favourite room out of all my 3/4" scale collection: my Lisa dining room.

Of course, now I've taken the photograph I can see what needs to be added to make the room "pop" even more (that's one of the things I like about photographing my miniatures: it's very clear what needs to be altered to make things look more "real")

Maybe I'll spend some time this afternoon going through my miniature stores and see if I can find what I need to complete the room. And maybe I'll take another photo for you.

(Desk, stool and divan: Hanse of Denmark. Table: Lundby. Chairs: Arne Jacobsen for Brio. Plastic trolley: unknown (possibly German?) Telephone: Barton. Metal carafe and cuos: Barton/ Lundby (?)Vase and greenery: Lundby. Cushions: Lundby (?) Pictures: Unknown (possibly German?))


jennifer said...

Do you have a definite date for your cabinet of curiosities yet?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Nothing official which is why I was being coy about the whole thing but it's penciled in for October 2008 - Feb 2009.

I'll be posting an announcement as soon as I have definite dates :-)

Anonymous said...

The plastic trolley is JEAN WEST GERMANY. I have it myself :)
I love your blog!

Elisabeth, Norway