Monday, July 21, 2008

Modern Miniatures on Monday: Parade of Houses, Part Five

Lundby released a new design of house in their 1975 catalogue. Originally called the Super Deluxe (but later known as The Stockholm), the house was quite different to the Gothenburg style house that Lundby had been producing for decades:This photo ("borrowed" from Cameron House Miniatures) shows the optional front and the basement/ stable level which was first shown in the 1979 catalogue.

I finally succumbed to the lure of The Stockholm in September 2005, when I bought one off German eBay. I can't remember how much it cost (and I really don't want to read through my diaries of the time to see if I noted it as September-December 2005 was not a period of my life I'd like to be reminded of) but I guess around $200 including postage, unfurnished (but in the original carton):
It wasn't until after it arrived that I realised, based on some telltale details like the colour of the stairs and the arches, that the house was actually several years newer than I'd hoped. Which was a bit of a problem as I'd decided that I was only collecting up until 1980 (mainly because I don't like a lot of the furniture Lundby was producing in the 80s) and this house was newer than that.

Finally I decided that close enough was good enough and a Stockholm in the hand was worth more than one in the bush. Besides, I was one of very few people that would even notice, let alone care. So my early 80s house is furnished as it would have been in the late 70s.

This house was a bit of an afterthought so has many bits missing from it. I'll try and round some of them up over the next month or so and add them before the opening. Ditto with the lighting. I pretty much used up my supplies on the last two houses and am currently trying to decide if I want to leave it unlit, start the hunt for correct lights, or use
modern versions of classic designs from my eBay store.

I need the Blue Heaven dressing table (the dressing table in the bedroom at present is an imposter):
a sink for the bathroom (I hadn't realised until I was cleaning out that it was missing), and either the white corner cupboard or the Royal sideboard for the dining room...(More photos, as always, here)


Cola Cerbz said...

I forgot to say that you're really talented. Yeh, you're always your own worst critic eh? :P tell ya the truth i wouldnt have noticed. Man the house looks awesome!

sarah.princess said...

Are you still looking for a Lundby Blue Heaven dressing table ?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

No, I finally managed to pick one up on eBay...