Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What’s Hot + What’s Not Wednesday

Well hello there. I thought I'd better pop past before you all started checking to see if I was OK or possibly sprawled in a mangled heap halfway down the stairs, unable to call for help.

I figured the only way to catch up is to follow
Loobylu's lead:

What’s Hot:

* Using In Design for the first time.

* Finishing answering the questions sent to me by The Collectors and finally getting them out of the way (It's rather handy having a blog: a lot of the answers consisted of a "see here" followed by a link)

* Lovely people coming up to me to introduce themselves and tell me the read (and enjoy) my blog. It happened again this morning at the petrol station and quite made my day.

* Getting through my very first Storytime. And getting nice feedback from both the other staff and the parents. It helped that I got to read one of my favorite books (with actions)

* Meeting a little girl with a patch over her eye and telling her how I used to have one just like it when I was little (except not as cool and colourful as hers) and making her smile.

* The arrival of my first Book Depository order (I couldn't resist, with an added 10% off their already low prices)

* Having the day after tomorrow off. It's a holy day of obligation: the first day of The Lifeline Bookfair.

* Two weeks' holiday from night classes. So I can catch up on everything. Hopefully.

What’s Not:

*Waking up in the middle of the night on Monday to find myself in the bedroom doorway. It took a couple of seconds to realise that a massive thunderstorm was pretty much directly overhead and the rolling thunder had caused the windows to rattle and the bed to shake. And my removed-from-New-Zealand-but-still-a-well-trained-Kiwi-body to have catapulted across the room and into the doorway as soon as I felt it. Even if it was asleep.

* Two night's broken sleep due to thunder and lightning.

* Dust rain.

* Finding myself tongue-tied when people say they read my blog. It always takes me by surprise. Which is odd as I check my stats regularly and know about how many of you there are.

* That I don't think my Tutor likes the direction I'm heading in with The Big Very Important (Scary) Final Brief. After a period of hand wringing and worrying I've decided I don't actually care very much.

* Miss Daisy getting her first parking ticket. The only other time I got a parking ticket I made page three of the paper*. This time wasn't quite so exciting...

* The price of parking in Civic (I had to take my car in yesterday as I had stuff to take to Craft ACT and needed a speedy relocation between there and the Library for an evening shift): $12. Which actually seems a bargain compared to the $78 the previous day had cost me.

* Having to learn a song in the twenty minutes before Storytime started so I could sing it in front of a crowd of small people and their parents...

* Having a job application due in tomorrow and only having the time to get to it (as usual) at 6am the morning it's due in.

(*No I was not naked at the time)


Rebecca said...

You just got me thinking about visitor numbers. What application do you use for your stats? Do you have to put a code on the url of every page or your blog, or just on the main page?

Sally said...

I wanna know more about making it to page three of the paper...