Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Petite prints

Ampersand Duck popped round this morning to drop off her work for the show:Wanna see what she's been up to since we visited her? First out of the box was Hammer Time (hand coloured), in an edition of six (note the edges on all the prints...): Ampersand (edition of 10)
Dragonfly (edition of 20)Frog (edition of 20)Owl (edition of 20)
Rat (edition of 20)
Look up (edition of 9)
And, finally, Almost ace (edition of 11)
Each print comes with an card explaining how it was made:Want your very own Ampersand Duck original? She has generously donated Almost Ace (11/11), worth $20AU for a giveaway.

You know the drill: leave a comment on this post before Wednesday 4 August and I'll draw a winner.
Giveaway now closed.


MTB Girl said...

I love &Duck's work. Gorgeous. I can't wait to see your show :)

*annina* said...

Me, me, me! One of these prints would be AMAZING to have in my Brighton house! This show looks fantastic :-)

callsmall said...

Yes, please!! Would be utterly pleased to have one! ;)

Donna Heart said...

Hello! Thankyou so much for your message about my bookmark - I'm so thrilled!!! I was wondering who out there in the world would get one - and it's so nice to have made a connection with you - a fellow aussie to boot :) I noticed your love for dollshouse - although I'm not a collector, I bought my daughter her first for christmas - a sylvanians house with all the tine teeny bits and pieces (even teensy bread rolls - amazing!)- and I play with it more than she does!!! I'll defintiely pop back here for sure - love small things ! x donna

Lynda said...

That print made me laugh, I'd love to be in the draw.
I love that you're documenting how all of this is coming together, it's all so beautiful and precious.

Em said...

So cute. Would look great in a tiny frame on the wall in a modern dollhouse.

perempuan said...

Wow. How beautiful. Where can I purchase these prints? My dolls would love them on their walls.

Thanks TSS.

AMCSviatko said...

All items in the show are available for purchase from Craft ACT between August 12 and September 25.

I'm working on a solution for those of you unable to come to Canberra for the show. Since Craft ACT doesn't have an online shop yet, and I'm unable to run one on their behalf it might end up with me acting as your personal shopper: email me what you're after, I'll confirm it's still available, pop it on hold then send you a paypal invoice for the cost of the item and postage.

How does that sound?

Mini Dork said...

These are so beautiful. What craftsmanship.
I so wish I could see the show, but very much appreciate all of your posts about the featured items and artists.

Sarah said...

They are so lovely, how could I not want one?!

mazspazz said...

Lovely! Count me in please!