Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bags? What bags?

I'd planned to spend today making bags.


I picked up this Kiwi care parcel from the Post Office, full of chocolate goodness (4 packs of Snow Toffee Pops!) and Grainwaves. Plus seven (7!) CDs full of my Cuzzie C's fave tracks.

I love belated birthday presents. Especially when they contain yummy food and new music. Thanks Cuzzie C, you're a star! (The Caffeine Fairy thanks you too as I've promised one of the packets of Toffee Pops to her)

I'm answering last minute questions on some eBay auctions I have running that are finishing this afternoon.


I decided it was imperative I clean out and tidy up my miniature supplies cupboard today:

I got sidetracked with a brainwave use for the slide mounts Taph gave me ages ago which I rediscovered in the cupboard:Instead:

I bought US 110v hair straighteners off eBay for my cruise after discovering that it would seem a step converter wouldn't work with my 240v straighteners. I appeased myself by deciding I won't count them for Seven Things Spring until they arrive and that they cost about the same as a converter would have cost.
Maybe I should wander downstairs and stare at my machine and see if that gets the bag making vibe happening...


Taphophile said...

All good displacement activities, those. Very busy work. ;)

Like the look of your care package.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Ahhh... you wouldn't be so supportive if you knew your new knitting bag was number 1 on my list.

And the chocolate will be shared, of course (and doesn't count for 7 things as it's consumable. Yay!)

Jesse said...

Sorry to say I've tagged you... 7 things are required, and the tag passed on to 7 people. Feel free to ignore it, these things can be annoying!

*BB* said...

Ahhh you coulda had my US hair straightener for free! I've been looking for someone to give that damn thing to!