Saturday, June 10, 2006

Second Hand Saturday

Planned budget: $20.

Vinnies Phillip:Black Paddington Coat Factory coat (70% wool, 20% nylon, 10% cashmere): $15
Red 100% wool v neck cardigan: $6
Two large and two smaller matching glass jars with lids: $4 total.(Oopsie, over budget on the first stop....)

Salvos Phillip: Nothing. Phew!

Smith Family Woden:White milk jug $1.25 (they were having a 1/2 price off all bric a brac sale). Country Road lidded sugar bowl: $2.

1 ball black and silver fuzzy yarn (see next photo): $1.

Vinnies Curtin:Brand new with tag Transversion Chrissy bag: $1

Red plastic cup to use as a scoop in Nibbs' new Whiskette container: 20 cents

Piece of blue denim fabric (see previous photo): $2.

Vinnies Belconnen: Nothing (that's a bit of a shock, actually)

Salvos Belconnen: 10 Anne McCaffrey books: $6.50 in total.

Not pictured because I was heading to Booklore secondhand book store with a box of books I wanted to sell so added them in - and they gave me $20 for 7 of them (and didn't take any of my original box!).

Therefore total outlay:

$ 4.25
$ 3.20
$ 6.50
(less $20.00)

$19.95. Hurrah! Under budget after all!

(Listening to: Various: Recaffeinated black, No Sugar)

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Pink Rocket said...

ack! the coat is fab, you know I love jars, but the purse! holy smokes that's fantastic! i'm going to see if ebay has one!! love it!...or maybe i could make it...hmmm...[scratches chin]