Friday, June 16, 2006

Red Friday

You can never say blog isn't well red.

(Yeah, OK, that was a bit off. But give me a break - it's the end of a long cold week!)
Now this wouldn't be a true blue Aussie blog if I didn't reserve my first photo spot for a box of iconic Redheads matches.And speaking of small and beautifully designed, here are the very first miniature Jacobsen pieces I ever saw: a red swan sofa and blue swan chair which I discovered (with great excitement which caused a frenzy of utter wanting and drooling) at the Restaurant Jacobsen in Klampenborg, Copenhagen.

Suffice to say after an international search involving three languages (one of which I don't speak - well, I call it "dollshouse Swedish" - ie: enough to manage to buy stuff of Swedish eBay) I have my own set of these. And more. If you ask really really nicely I'll post pictures.And speaking of Scandinavian design, you might be shocked to hear I actually own a doona (duvet) cover that is not only not black and white but in fact is very very colourful: my rip off Marimekko Unikko cover. And as an added bonus a picture of Nibbs (who hasn't been spotted on this blog for quite some time) wearing his red collar. And looking cute.(Trying desperately here to find a link between the last picture and this one)

Ummmm...... I took this picture in Talin, Estonia which is sort of next door (geddit?) to Finland, where Marimekko comes from. (Phew!)The locals were very colourfulAs were these other vases I photographed at The Art Gallery of New South Wales. Lovely hot pinks and reds and yellows.And finally (you'll be pleased to hear, I'm sure) here are some hot chillis I found on a fruit and vegetable stall on the road down to Positano on The Amalfi Coast in Italy. At least I think it was Positano...

(Listening suggestions? Some classics:
Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute to Cole Porter, U2's Under a Blood Red Sky or Split Enz's single I See Red)


Pink Rocket said...

ack! the matches!! I LOVE the matches!!!

Anna-Lisa said...

Loving the colours, really brightening up these dreary winter days here,