Sunday, June 11, 2006

Con Brio

Have you been wondering why there's been no mention of the Brio dolls house I lugged across America with me (last spotted in its box here)?

This is why:

It had a few whoopsies on the way home and I'd set it aside until I had some time to mend it and clean it. And a wet Sunday morning seemed to be the perfect time to start sorting it out.I needed to put the doors to rights and reglue the walls...reattach the chimney and the stairs and make it look like someone cares.(Yes that is a jar of Dolmio - I needed a weight to glue the bathroom back in...)Here's a sneak peek of the after kitchen - with a floor that has been cleaned possibly for the first time in its 35 year life! Fridge, sink, tables and chairs are all Brio with accessories from all over the place but about right in age to fit the era of the house.

And next door, the bathroom with all original Brio bathroom fittings which were the only pieces to come with the house.What makes me particularly excited is the bath is complete with plug and shower hose (which doesn't happen very often as they are usually lost in play or removed by parents concerned with safety)(Want to learn more? Check out these sites:

Elizabeth's Svenska dockhus (Click on Museum then Brio)

My old dollhouses has some lovely photos of old Scandinavian dolls houses packed with furniture and occupants. (Navigate through the tabs at the top marked Side 1 etc)

Carola's site is a bit of a mess to navigate round but worth a visit

And for brand new modern Lundby houses and furniture check out the Australia Lundby site)

(Listening to: Skallander,
The Camels)


Pink Rocket said...

wow! you totally amze me with what you do to those houses!

Sew-Thrifty! said...

Saucy Baggage! I just now had time to check in on your bloggie...and saw the bit about the I did it. Check out my blog for the latest....
Big Hugs!

Elisabeth said...

Yes! You did it again, the house looks perfect! I guess you are a proud owner ;=) - at least you should be.

Antedon Bifida said...

Hello Miss Sherpa! A bit of a fast forward time warp - it is 12 years later - January 6th 2018 - and this is just as adorable now as when you posted. I have been collecting pieces of Brio when possible (the lining up of the planets is the only way to describe my finding them at the same time as being able to afford them). Happy to say I love them but do not have the dollhouse. So I have to pretend with my early Gothenburg. Have a great day and will enjoy your blog for another dozen years and more! xx Stefani in Victoria BC Canada