Saturday, June 17, 2006

Second Hand Saturday

I had a haircut this morning so frugalling time was somewhat truncated but what treasures I found to make up for it. Shall we say quality, not quantity?

First stop: Salvos in Queanbeyan where I found 20 ounces of double knit wool in a nubbly black/ blue/ green mix for $20 total. Excellent score.

But wait! There's more. Size 6 Mambo shirt for $5 (still not sure if this is going to be for Elijah to wear in, oh, about 5 and 3/4 years or will go out into eBay) and size 3 Pumpkin Patch shirt on the half price rack for $1.25.Across to Vinnies Queanbeyan where I spy this hanging on the wall behind the counter.Skipping Girl bag for $3? I almost vaulted the counter throwing the poor volunteer to the ground in my haste to get it in my hot little hands. But I was restrained and instead casually strolled across to claim it.

Now excuse me. I have a printer to install, a room to sort out, washing to do, a car to clean, a pile of stuff to list on eBay and accounts crying out for attention... Yep, definitely back to real life round here.

(And if anyone can explain how I can convince my sidebar to stop sulking down the bottom of the page I'll be a happy girl indeed)

(Listening to: Deconstruction Presents)


Pink Rocket said...

the skipping girl bag! i LOVE it!!! i checked out the site and I HAVE to have the pink apple core! LOVe it!

Nikki said...

I love your description of finding that skipping girl bag. I had one of those heart-leaping-out-of-chest moments this weekend too, when I found a lovely artdeco glass head for my bookcase.But, I casually picked up the thing like it was just another thrift find--no big deal ;)

Taphophile said...

That wool is divine - great buy. Glad the tapes and tea towels made it for the weekend. You'd need to be drunk to watch both.