Friday, June 09, 2006

Getting in early

Yeah, OK, I know that Knit in Public Day is June 10th but I just had to have a little practice run this evening.

You see, it was Bunch of Fives night at The Street Theatre. And since I work just around the corner I needed to get there early to bags a table for everyone else. And what better way to pass the spare time than working on my Sophie Bag?

Except I sort of forgot to put it away when my friends arrived and the entertainment started. Oh well, no one yelled at me so it's all good. And I've discovered that circular knitting is so much more, well, discreet.....

So if I somehow forget to pull my knitting out during the course of tomorrow it doesn't really matter, does it? Although I'm off to deliver birthday cupcakes to the local scooter shop owner and think that might be a pretty cool place to get some knitting in while waiting for my short black to cool enough to drink. Molto buone!

(Listening to: Eddie Reader: Mirmama)

1 comment :

Pink Rocket said...

must see pics of knitting! i bought the bigger version of the bag, the elizabeth, but haven't started it yet.