Wednesday, June 07, 2006


How exciting - I've been tagged for a meme for the first time. It feels like a rite of passage as a blogger! (Thanks Pink Rocket)

A-Z Meme

Accent: Aussie/ Kiwi. I like to think I hide the Kiwi pretty well but when I'm tired or sick it slips back out. I've also been asked occasionally if I'm English and have a bad habit of picking up accents rather quickly when I travel...

Booze: Yes please! Red wine (and bubbles) in winter, white wine (and bubbles) in summer. Cocktails always (but not the creamy ones or ones with tequila in them. Not much of a beer drinker. Used to be a cider addict in New Zealand but that's slipped lately. Oh - and alcoholic ginger beer is rather scrummy, too...

Chore I hate: Gardening. And scrubbing floors.

Dogs/Cats: One frugalled 9 year old black and white cat called Nibbs. Obtained sort of by accident from the RSPCA but half price so a real bargain!

Essential Electronics: Stereo and laptop.

Favorite Perfume: L'Eau D'Issey. The only perfume I've worn since 1992.

Gold/Silver: definitely silver. Not that I'm big on jewelry.

Hometown: Depends on what you mean. Where was I born? Auckland, New Zealand. Where did I spend most of my time growing up? Wellington, New Zealand. Where is home? Canberra, Australia.

Insomnia: Only when I've drunk too much or am over excited.

Job title: (Very) small business owner and temporary Librarian

Living Arrangement: Usually by myself. Currently I have a friend staying for a couple of weeks.

Most Admired Trait: Oddly enough that's not a question I ask people I know. Feel free to leave comments to tell me what it is!

Number of sexual partners: No idea offhand and I can't be bothered sitting down to work it out. Besides it is a) irrelevant and b) rude to ask. Next question...

Overnight hospital stays: I had my achilles tendons lengthened when I was 6 and was in hospital then. Drove the nurses nuts because I refused to use the bedpan so they had to carry me and my two large plastered legs down the corridor to the toilet when I wanted to go. Did I mention I was drinking a lot of the fruit juice my parents were bringing in for me?

Phobias: Being out of control. Not too happy in very high buildings or traveling on the front or back carriage of trains either.

Quote: "Do not wish to be other than who you are, and try to be that perfectly"

Religion: Baptised Anglican. Definitely non practicing.

Siblings: 1 very cool sister, 5 years and 5 weeks younger.

Time I usually wake up: 5:45 am. I set the alarm for then just in case I wanted to get to a 6:15 am gym class. It hasn't happened yet.

Unusual Talent: I'm a bit of a tin bum.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: *Has a very long ponder* Marrow isn't too high on my list. I could live without Kohlrabi too.

Worst habit: People, I need your input here.....

X-rays: Do toothypegs count?

Yummy food I make: Everything I make is yummy! Why bother making something that isn't?!

Zodiac Sign: Gemini Gemini rising Firehorse. Yee Haa!

I tag Sew Thrifty and Mondo Viaggiatore (when she returns from overseas)

(Listening to: The New LoungeHead, Came a Weird Way)

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