Friday, June 23, 2006

Back on the Train Gang

Once upon a time (ie: last year) I used to visit the Sizzle Bento sushi train at least once a fortnight for lunch. I haven't been since November when I started seriously saving for my trip and have been missing it terribly.

So yesterday, to help me get through a very unmotivated day at work, I wandered over to have lunch. Sat down in my usual seat. Prepared my soy sauce, wasabi and chop sticks. Looked up and caught the eye of the owner who grinned broadly at the sight of me and reached into the fridge under the counter for my usual fruit salad and said "Tofu?" (I used to always special order the fried tofu).

I've not been in there for over 6 months. She remembered. Sometimes I love Canberra.

1 comment :

Pink Trees said...

that's way cool! i love when people remember like, same experience with me except it was pizza hut, not as glamorous