Thursday, June 08, 2006


There's a fantastic vintage clothing boutique in Dickson called Lily Haze*. I try to steer clear of it as it is a dangerous place. For my wallet, that is.

But sometimes, when I've been in town late and catch a less direct bus home I find myself wandering through Dickson and without being aware of what's happening I'm through the door and chatting to the lovely Jill while perusing all the wonderful pieces she has amassed.

Luckily (for my wallet) usually the clothing I fall in love with is the wrong size. Or out of my budget. But sometimes (like this evening) I find the perfect piece which fits like it was made for me and my wallet. Bugger!

Check out this vintage 60s jacket. It's vinyl but is as soft as leather (I had to double check the label once I'd tried it on). It fits perfectly. I love the red lining. And it was on the 50% rack (that's 50% off, not "you only get to take home 50% of the garment" just in case you're wondering).

It followed me home. If I promise to live on tuna and rice for the next week can I keep it?

(Listening to: Groove 4: Music you can dance naked to)

* No web presence, unfortunately but you can find it at Shop 6a, 71 Wooley Street, Dickson (in the corner of the courtyard across from Turk Oz). They're open Thursday - Sunday 11am - 7pm so you can pop in on your way to cocktails at Trinity.

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Pink Rocket said...

ooh! what a great find! good thing it followed you home!