Sunday, June 11, 2006

You're invited to a House Swarming!

The renovations took longer than we expected (don't they always?) but the downstairs at least is now ship shape and ready for guests (as you can see we're still waiting on delivery of the perfect ceiling lights but we'll cope in the meantime).It really is the perfect space for a party with lots of places to sit.

Doesn't the bar look inviting? And it fits perfectly next to the stairs. We were so pleased.Grab a stool and help yourself to nuts or chips while I pour you a drink. Or two!Once you're done you might want to wander over to the corner sofa and lounge back, chill out and listen to the groovy music.

Can't wait to see you!


Pink Rocket said...

holy smokes! i swear! that's amazing!! can i be the incredible shrinking woman and live there? huh? PA-LEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis

I'd love to come to the party in the dollshouse, but I may have to go on an extreme diet to fit in!!