Thursday, June 22, 2006

Corners of my Home: Week 10

My corners are a little fuller than they used to be. Souvenirs, you know... On the corner of the gas heater in the lounge there is now a wire Chrysler Building from New York. I suspect I may have just started a new collection. Damn!

Also a Loewy style toy train from The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. I had to have it because:
1. I like Loewy's designs (and saw a full sized version of his train at the museum)
2. It fits in with my colour scheme (very important!)
3. On the side is written "New York Central"

And a spinning top which was given to me by the woman at the Eames House and Studio. It was from A Summer of Eames at LACMA 2000 and reads Take your pleasure seriously around the edge. A sentiment I heartily agree with!Upstairs I have a little metal plane I saw in the gift shop at Disney Hall and fell instantly in love with. It is magnetised and is supposed to be a paper clip holder but why mess with perfection?

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