Saturday, June 17, 2006

My week in the key of D

There were Deliveries! Yep, the birthday presents are still arriving (and I hear there are at least three more due soon) These fantastically wonderful and oh-so-me glasses were a gifty from JF and K who I visited on Sunday to have dinner and admire their new kitchen.In my mailbox yesterday was a little package from Taphophile who kindly offered to tape Eurovision for me. But what's this wrapped round the videos? Could it be?Yes! New tea towels to add to the ever growing collection. Yippeee!Also arrived this week was a little stash of fabric I bought myself off eBay (I suspect there's another Use What You Have Month in the offing for me)

And on the outward bound list Sis, Cuzzie C and Pink Rocket should all be expecting interesting things to drop into their letter boxes in the near future (Elizabeth, I'll be getting to yours this week)

There was Dancing (not by me unfortunately!):

I bought my ticket to go see
Quantum Leap as I do every year around this time. Quantum Leap are a youth dance group trained at The Choreographic Centre (yep, the same place I love so much for their red bubbles) and tickets are not much more than a movie ticket but so much more inspiring. And because I go alone I always get an excellent seat in the middle down near the front.

J and I went to see
Ballet Russes at Electric Shadows. I wish I'd taken my camera as we were in the blue theatre and a) the next days was Blue Day in blogland and b) with Electric Shadows moving into the new Canberra Centre extention at the end of the year it would have been nice to have some pictures of the rows of grotty old blue seats in the old cinema to remember it by. Maybe next time... (Oh, and the movie was very very interesting if you were wondering!)

Dosh! I got paid for the first time in a month. Even more exciting (now I'm a non-ongoing rather than a temp) I got paid to stay at home on Monday!

Death: Don't panic. It was only my printer. I'm off to buy a whizbang new laser printer this weekend (see above)

Drunkeness and Dagginess: You don't think I could have Eurovision videos in my house and not watch them immediately, did you? And you can't watch it sober so last night I settled onto the sofa with a bottle of plonk, a Turkish pide and two (count em) tapes of Eurovision bliss to get through - the semi finals and the final.

There was the usual passing parade of clothes being ripped off, dodgy singing and far far too much modulation. Just perfect.

My pick for the night? Lithuania had the right attitude. But in the end who could beat the Klingons from Finland? (even without any wind machines or white which seemed to be the themes of choice for Eurovision entries this year)

One of these years I want to go see Eurovision live.


Pink Rocket said...

the glasses are FAB! love the tea towels and i can't wait for a package! you shouldn't have!!!

Nikki said...

I am very very jealous of your new glasses. They are lovely!