Sunday, January 21, 2007

Having a brand old time

The stinking heat of the last week seems to have let up somewhat today meaning I actually had some brainspace to do some stuff rather than using it all to wander round looking grumpy and muttering "I'm hot" to random inanimate objects.

I had piles (and I mean piles) of things that needed my attention but decided I really had to spend some time doing some 1 year anniversary tweaking on The Shopping Sherpa (the business, as opposed to the blog, which you may notice got a few cobwebs cleaned away at the same time).

So, after much frustration and swearing gently under my breath as I realised my self-taught Word and Photoshop skills gave me just enough confidence to get myself into lots of trouble (but not back out again very easily) I have new whiz bang business cards, a tarted up eBay store and listings and, to cap it off, very spunky labels to sew into my bags:
Thanks to Pink Trees for sending the cotton twill tape (does anyone know if I can get it in Australia or do I have to add it to the list of odd items I need to bribe PT to send me regularly?) and to Soule Mama for providing the tutorial.

(Listening to: David Gray, White Ladder)


shanna said...

i've got yards and yards of the twill tape! i'll send you some more with the next pacakge! btw, i sent one out to you yesterday!

thanks for the email! i'll reply in the morning!

shanna said...

oops! meant to say the labels and cards turned out great!

linda p said...

thanks for directing me here. that is a GREAT idea. I almost wish I hadn't ordered the labels. :)