Friday, January 12, 2007

Finish it off Friday: Week 2

"Ohhh! What's this?!

A birthday present for Kerry, you say? It's very black and white but isn't Kerry more of a colour girl?

Ah! You mean we can peek inside if we promise not to tell?Now that's more like a Kerry sort of look. And you made it yourself? Without a pattern?! And out of a frugalled cot quilt you picked up at Vinnies? How clever! She should like that.

What's that? There's more?So there is. Don't I recognise those legwarmers?

I see - you wanted them done for Finish it off Friday - and in the nick of time as you fly to Melbourne this evening for the birthday weekend.

And you made a hot water bottle cover out of the cot quilt as well! I can't quite see what's in the bottle. Aha! Natio Lavender Wash to guarantee a good night's sleep. So this is the Winter Sleepytime Comfort Kit, then?Very cozy - I'm sure she'll get a lot of use out of it all.

But not tonight because aren't you planning to have pizza and bubbles at Blue Train in Southgate then head over to Club Retro where you'll boogie down in The Dark Room until the wee small hours before staggering back to the hotel and collapsing?

Thought so - just another typical Friday night in Melbourne then.

Request The Sisters of Mercy This Corrosion and Depeche Mode's Just Can't Get Enough for me will you?"

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newgreenshoes said...

hmmm, I need a package like that and a friend like you haha! love love the hot water bottle cover, though not quite needing it at the moment, I am looking forward to snuggling up with one again