Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's in the Bag (with apologies to Selwyn Toogood)

Finished (finally!): The IKEA bag to go with the pouch I made for Duchess N of Mosmania. (Yes, I know it's not Friday but I'm away in Sydney this (long) weekend so let's pretend and call it Wow! It's done Wednesday or something.)

And the pile is looking rather a lot smaller, I'm pleased to say.

I'm seriously considering making some bags to sell but I need your input. eBay, Etsy or a good old fashioned market stall (preferably somewhere like Mosman where they're rolling in dosh)? Opinions, please!

(Listening to: Evermore, Real Life)


Carson said...

I'm not sure if ebay is the right outlet for those.
I'd say etsy is the right 'style' but I don't know enough about its e-commerce potential yet.
Also I would've thought the bag is a little too funky for Mosman. Seems more like a Bondi/Balmain/Rozelle market product to me, which are more up the funky end but still attracts cashed-up purchasers.
But then having done the market stall thing myself it's a LOT of work and the online option seems very attractive to me then all you've got to worry about is shipping. Maybe etsy's the go.

kmehaffey said...

I just discovered this ikeahacker site and immediately flipped to your bag-its awesom! Not just for the looks, but becasue I just might be able to do it myself!!! Thank-yo so much for inspiring me! Kathy M, Tucson, Az, USA....(70 miles from IKEA in Phoenix!!!!)