Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brand New Friend

Meet the Knitting Devil, my souvenir of The Big Day Out (how typical that I go to a music festival and still manage to find something knitting related? At least I didn't actually take any knitting with me, although in retrospect that would have been a mighty fine idea.)
The Knitting Devil agreed with me that Hot Chip were pretty damned fine and worth investigating further.Here's The Knitting Devil deciding where we're heading next - which turned out to be into the Boiler Room for a bit of a boogie.


Taphophile said...

The Knitting Devil looks like he'd enjoy a good boogie. How does Trudy feel about this, though?

newgreenshoes said...

catching up with your blog here - now I reckon the bags would be great in Mosman, or for that matter the Manly markets, some stuff goes for crazy prices there you know, not seen that many great bags there though (I could run around and bring you flasks of coffee!)

interested to see you went to the Big Day Out, I have not been sure what it is all about and what it means either

have not forgotten the other little thing we mentioned, just been madly busy