Saturday, January 06, 2007

Second Hand Saturday

Results of my first frugal of the year:

* Jim Henson's Storyteller (Vol 1) on video: $2

* Pile of twelve books: $25 (about the same price as one new book, so I'm pretty happy - but so much for getting through so much of my reading pile of the New Year break. I've just filled it up again! Argh!)

* Two CDs: $4 in total (Dido, Life for rent and Michael Buble - worth a try at that price I figured)

* Two spotty pillow cases: $2 the pair (I already have two of these plus the matching doona cover but I know my last spotty doona cover set had pillowcases which wore through after about 10 years while the doona was still OK. So figured having a second set of pillowcases would make the new spotty doona set last longer. And hell, it was only $2!)

* Black cotton hoodie: $6. (Yes, I know it has a teal logo on the front. What's worse is that it is obviously a haircare product freebie from kms. But I have a plan!)

Being frugal seems to be in the air at the moment. I reserved Not buying it: my year without shopping at the local library this week after rediscovering an article about it that I ripped out of the paper about it.

New Green Shoes has declared she's planning a mission for February to spend nothing at all (not even in thrift stores!) and NIKKI-SHELL just posted about her Use what you have day.

Princess B rang me this morning to tell me about an article in this morning's The Sydney Morning Herald about a group of friends in San Francisco who gave up shopping for a year (find their blog here)

And I haven't been to the January sales at all this year...

(Listening to: Say Cheese!: Ultimate One Hit Wonders)

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pinar said...

being frugal is fine with me..
but I have started to gather up a larger pile than I can use..
so my time is use what you have.. absolutely.. don't buy time