Saturday, January 20, 2007

Second Hand Saturday - Catch up

The Great Maxwell Williams Dinner Set Challenge of 2006 has been renamed and continues into 2007. I now have one single dinner plate (woo hoo) and am up to date with cups and saucers after the discovery of this set of four for a whopping $2 for the lot at Vinnies Dickson.

I'm still needing 7 dinner plates and 3 cereal bowls and then I'm done...I also have a new salad bowl with a story behind it. I first saw this design in the window at Vinnies Chatswood. Loved the 1960s/70s flowery vibe but talked myself out of it as I'd just bought a pile of wool and was completely over the concept of carrying fragile items home with me from Sydney.

Obviously The Universe decided I had to have it as this week I found another one at Vinnies Belconnen - a lot closer to home. I'm vaguely suspicious that it is, indeed, the exact same bowl but I really don't think Vinnies moves stock interstate...Another story is attached to this next find: 12 balls of green wool which I plan to use to (finally) make this jumper. And 5 balls of blue which I have no idea what I'll do with at this stage.

They're both Crucci, a New Zealand company which appears to be now (sadly) defunct. Their factory shop was just up the road from our house (and my school) in Upper Hutt and I remember going there with my Mum as a teenager.

And (if that wasn't enough), I also bought a skein of teally blue wool, a colour I seem to have had a crush on since my last trip to NZ. Colleen (The Wool Ladies at Vinnies) sold it to me for a dollar, after we both agreed it must be wool as no one makes that nasty acrylic stuff in skeins. Damn shame I don't have a wool winder, huh?Fabric. Went a bit overboard there since I fell off the Use What you Have wagon. (Note to self: Must actually use some of my fabric stash very very soon.)Ahem. Moving right along, we have a pair of $6 Jane Debster shoes. For work. When it's cool enough to start wearing shoes at work again... ;-)And, finally, a towering pile of books. I couldn't not buy them. Vinnies was having a half price sale on books! I was supporting a good cause while (unfortunately) increasing my "too be read" list to cover not only this year but the next five (or six, or seven...)

(Listening to: Elvis Costello And The Attractions, The Very Best Of Elvis Costello And The Attractions)


Sherpa's Grandmother said...

Take a good look at that tartan fabric, it looks suspiciously like the Logan tartan, which of course was your grandmother's maiden name.
It would make a dandy bikini for a trendy 40 year old.

Taphophile said...

Good haul.

If you're up to a trip to EPIC, I'll have a ball winder and swift in operation at the Merino show, Mallee Pavilion, from 9 'til about 1.30 today, then Swifty and Windy and I will be at Starbucks from 2.

Tartan Bikini?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

If you close your eyes and squint it might just pass for the Logan tartan - the 1960s version of it at least.

Think I'll pass on the tartan bikini idea - it's already a very ugly 1980s style jacket with big gold buttons but I have plans for its resurrection. Soon... soon.... I promise!

Taph - thanks for the winder/ swift offer but it was just too hot yesterday afternoon for me to do anything but sprawl on the bed reading, knitting and sweating. Urgh - make summer go away PLEASE!