Sunday, January 14, 2007

Things we learnt this weekend

1. A Club Retro keyring bought 5 years ago does not get you free entry forever. And it takes a lot of fast talking, grovelling (on bended knee if necessary) and promises that if they return said wonderful keyring, which they've confiscated, they will not see it again because it will never leave Canberra.

2.. Dahl and champagne (OK, OK, sparkling wine) do not make a good meal choice before you go out to dance the night away to the small hours. No matter if you think "lining your stomach" is a fine and mature idea, you will end up feeling like you swallowed a medicine ball which is now gently fermenting, thus causing you to either find yourself sprawled on the sofa in the chillout room hoping you'll feel better soon (Kerry) or bouncing up and down on the dance floor to one of your fave songs hoping you don't toss your cookies in the middle of the dance floor while mentally judging the distance to the toilets just in case. (Me)

Friday night was an unexpectedly early one for us. Which worked out well because it meant we had am unplanned Saturday to spend out and about instead of in bed recovering.

3. Which leads nicely to: Sometimes Use What You Have Month just isn't meant to happen. I found this roll of large denim pieces for $10 at the
ALSO Op Shop and promptly fell off the wagon with a resounding thud Here's a picture of the guy in the shop who kindly tied my bundle up with string so I could stagger round Melbourne with it over my shoulder/ under my arm/ across my front/ carried caber style for the rest of the day. Bugger Round Ireland with a fridge, I want to write Round Melbourne with a bloody heavy roll of fabric... Serves me right, doesn't it?
4. Smiggle no longer stock the 50 cent filofax pad refills. (Boo hoo) I used to buy them in bulk when I visited Melbourne and they'd keep me going for ever.
5. But they do have a very cute range of black and white skull and crossbones notebooks and gluesticks.
6. The beginning of the year back to school stationery stock up habit never leaves you no matter how old you are:7. And, finally, both Kerry and I finally learnt how to use predictive text after the boys discovered we were texting the old fashioned way and were scandalised. "So why, when I try to type "happy" does it say "Gibspyy"?
Kerry did much better with some dutch courage along the way...


Taphophile said...

I'm sure there's a geographic limit on UWYH. To properly UWYH UH 2B @ HOME. I'm sure that's an actual real live rule. Really.

I'm more impressed by learning the predictive text thing though.

sarah said...

oh you were doing it the old way!? gawd!

I'm after a bit of local knowledge if you have a minute to spare. We are on a last-minute weekend in Canberra leaving tomorrow morning (thurs) and if you have any recommendations for

great park/picnic place for family
anywhere to swim for kids?
nice restaurant - bisto-ish not showy or chrome&beech good value
best op shops (heehee)
any diners/cafs for breakfast/fryups?
anything else good with 3 kids

no worries if you haven't got time I remembered you are in the know, and from experience it's great to get a bit of local knowledge


Anonymous said...

And don't we love our old-school Nokias? I don't care how much camera/memory/doo-dackies phones come out with, I'm quite content with my little pink Barbie-phone, especially when I can lend it to boys and laugh as they hold the delicate wee thing between their great big male fingers.

Daz would be pleased to see he got in some photos.
Meanwhile, I note that I now look 40, dammit.